I was born on the 28th December, 1991. I was interested in music since my childhood. I really loved listening to my father’s mix tapes. Later I preferred Rap and Hip-Hop music. As time passed I started to build an interest in electronic music, especially in the world of House. With 17, Minimal and Techno were my favorite, which I later replaced with Tech House. I found making and mixing music also fascinating, so I took it up. For making music I used Fl Studio. I really enjoyed making music that matched my own taste. The first demos were really in the egg, but I want to make an effort to mix more complicated and more professional rhythms. I’m developing my knowledge even today. I was interested in being a DJ, too. I first used Virtual DJ. Later I added a BCD3000 controller to it, which made my work easier. To make my mixing more professional I changed my Virtual to TRAKTOR. At first I had TRAKTOR 3 Le, which was followed by TRAKTOR 3 and than TRAKTOR Scratch Pro. Technology develops, so I changed the Scratch Pro to Scratch Pro 2. The nickname “Matt Coreman” comes from my real Hungarian name, only I made it a little bit English. My favorite performers whose music I enjoy to play are: Jay Lumen, Luca M, Hector Couto, Hermanez, Joris Voorn, Sebastien Lerger, DJ PP, Dubfire, Mladen Tomic, Format B, Carlo Lio, Alex Kenji, D Unity, Kaiserdisco, and a lot more…

Denis is a Serbian DJ & Producer living in Denmark, his interest in music began in the early 90’s with his passionate for heavy rock period followed by discovering dance and house music and al its following styles witch slowly turned into an obsession.
He started to spin his first records in 1996, his styles vary from deep to house from techno to minimal… 
His sets are well balanced, with a hint of the unexpected, but always all about making the crowd move.
In 2009 Denis started producing electro, house, techno tracks on a professional base with software programs. 
At that time a new world of possibilities opened. 
Denis is a resident Dj on one of the most popular radiostation in Spain, Radio SunHole every Saturday night, where he spins the decks, and takes you on musical trip.


Colombian DJ and producer born in Armenia. began his career as a DJ at 16 years of age in mid-2008. he acquired knowledge and skills mix, participating in various private parties and events in the city of Armenia, and in other cities such as Manizales, Pereira, Tulua, Carthage, among others. September takes a very good full of techno and house, has shared the stage with DJs such as Tony Puccio, Lazardi, Mario Ochoa, Fist, Mara, Milton Channels, Mirko Martinez, Steven Kass, Da 'Others, Random Sean, Sebastian Ledher, Lecktra Fire, David Padilla, Silbi, Pablo Basel and others ... And now in 2010 began to launch their musical productions that you can listen in: / djnastik